Classique Process
  • Water is processed through 8 stages of purification which includes Micron filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation and UV treatment.
  • Source water: raw water ready to involve 8 stages purification
  • Quartz sand filtration system:This stage is slow filtration gives good purifying results so that the water will not contain any large quantity of suspended solids.
  • Activated Carbon Filtration :Water purified through the activated carbon process may have odors removed and its flavor improved.
  • Na+ System:The purpose of using Na+ ions is to soften the water
  • Micron Filtration:The water is then passed through the 1.45μand 1μfilter, which eliminates the micropollutants and microtoxic substances.
  • Reverse Osmosis:In this stage removes the unwanted salts & purifies.
  • Micro filtration: removes minute particles.
  • Ozonation: kills bacteria & virus
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