About Classique Water Company Orgin
Classique Water Products Pvt. Ltd., is a closely related family owned concern having various business operations in Pondicherry. In the year 1997 the CLASSIQUE WATER PRODCUTS PVT. LTD., was commissioned by a motivated team that is committed to achieve the higher standards water quality and customer service.
Location of Company
The most modern hygienic plant is located in Auroville, and International Township promoted by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, near Pondicherry. The Plant is built in an area of around 8000 square feet building having a land extent of more than 1 Acre. The water is derived from deep aquifer in a pollution free area and not contaminated with industrial wastes and agricultural chemicals. The water has no impurities, chemicals, just pure clean water.
Product & Quality
Water is the substance of life – Life cannot exist without water. Classique Water Product has understood the importance of this source of life.
Consumers are getting more health conscious and they are urging for better quality drinking water. Health minded individuals prefer to purchase bottled water instead of other beverages. While marketing the healthful benefits of our products, we remain vigilant to quality and safety innovations for bottled water as superior food product. Our vigilance will ensure that consumer will maintain their unwavering confidence in our product.
Classique Water Product is dedicated to increasing the quality of the water industry. By using the latest technology and frequent water testing, we ensure the integrity of our product.
We would like to stress on the point of the Quality of our product. To keep up with quality we have invested in the right type of equipments and adhere to rigid standards of productions. One of these standards is the mandatory IS: 14543 set by the Bureau of Indian Standards for Packaged Drinking Water in India. We have understood the necessity to reduce cost, but not at the expense of Quality.
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